Meet Zury


My name is Zury Enriquez, originally from Mexico City.

In 2011 God put in my heart to work in the field of training young people and international missions.

After intensive training in Australia, the Philippines, and London in 2012, I returned to Mexico where I studied my major in Communication and Entertainment Business Administration being able to graduate and work for a couple of years.

During 2017 God reactivated my call and I began to train teams of Mexicans to preach and serve the church in various parts of the world.

So I quit my job to dedicate myself completely to ministerial work and since then I have served in my church and in YWAM taking more Mexicans to other countries.

My passion and commitment is to disciple people in a long-term way by creating real relationships with them and to be a missionary in my own town allows me to look after them even when they are not 100% into ministry.


It started with a question in a cafe

Meet Xóchitl. Back in 2017 when God invited me to start this full time ministry life he stirred up an idea he had given me in 2012 to bring Mexicans into the nations extending God’s kingdom. In order to do this I pioneered a project called “De Gracia” (by grace) based on Matthew 10:8. This project focused on training young people to evangelise, fundraise and go on outreach trips. Xóchitl was the first person to apply to this project and so I started a discipleship process with her.

Raised in a broken home as a Catholic, Xóchitl instead delved deeper into spiritism, worshiping the dead and other so called saints. Because of this, Xóchitl had a very hard time understanding that God speaks and wanted to be the father she was looking for.

All she knew was that there was something calling her into this De Gracia project.

I started meeting with her once a week to answer doubts she could have and just talking about her family, friends and church. She was working as a makeup artist at the biggest and most important Latin and Hispanic Television company and one day she quit because she felt from the Lord to do it. There were many more little victories in her story like this but I’d like to highlight one particular story which took place: during our time in Manila, Philippines, Xóchitl got her calling from the Lord, one night, when we met in a cafe and when asked "What is God saying to you?" Xóchitl was blown away and with tears in her eyes she told the whole project team that God was asking her to go into mission. That broken girl who didn’t know how it was possible that God could speak is now in full time mission in Switzerland, going back and forth to Egypt due to her community development project.

Xóchitl currently works with Muslim women and mentors youth disciples through business. And it all started with a question at a cafe…

Zury & Xóchitl