As church leaders for nearly 30 years, Carl and Viv are faithful servants of Christ, committed to loving God, loving people, and advancing the Kingdom.

Over the past 28 years, they have had the privilege to be working with some amazing churches, learning and growing in who they are designed to be and practicing real 'jump off the cliff' faith in God.  They have also worked in many secular environments and have seen how the power and love of God can be experienced by their co-workers and colleagues, ultimately bringing a change to the work environment.

They continue to experience the supernatural nature of God through miracles of all kinds and have grown even more in love with our Lord Jesus Christ seeking to live and model life in Him.

Their main passion is 'everyday mission' - following and living for Jesus in every area of their lives.

Serving the body of christ

The ways they are serving the body of Christ

Through coaching, training, and modelling in everyday mission, Carl and Viv are involved in partnering, and supporting many individuals, ministries, and established church leaders wanting to bring the power and presence of God into the place where God has placed them.

Connecting with Carl and Viv

We would love to partner with you in whatever way we can. Let us know how we can serve and support you to grow the vision that God has placed on your heart.


Chesterfield, UK